Everyone needs a reason why

Here’s why we do it.

A Place to Play

MC Elite is part of the MC Lacrosse family – which offers playing opportunities for girls of all skills and abilities – from elementary school to high school. MC Lacrosse’s philosophy is to offer a skill appropriate place for the athlete to develop. We want the athlete to develop at their pace and to develop a lasting love of the game. We offer continuity between all levels so the girls progress successfully through each stage of growth and development.

A Place to Develop

We are committed to developing our players. Our training programs are second to none. We provide year-round team practices, play days against the top area clubs, access to the best leagues and tournaments, guest coaches, and individual programs to develop tactics, conditioning, speed and agility. Our development model is designed to develop athleticism and skill. It is not about the wins it is about getting better, so to do that, teams have a robust tournament schedule in the fall and summer.

A Place to Achieve

We want our players to achieve their goals. Whether that’s to play for their high school team, or to be recruited by a Division 1 lacrosse program. Our program is designed so that girls can achieve their goals. We provide a platform for our players to develop, demonstrate their abilities, as well as achieve both individual and team success.