MC Elite Announces Partnership with Healthy Baller

Healthy Baller is excited to join forces with MC Lacrosse to offer the highest level training for their athletes to enhance MC Lacrosse’s Development Training Model. This program will be focused on reducing the likelihood of injuries, improving overall athleticism, and improving the quality of movement needed to perform at a high level on the lacrosse field.
The training system is centered around teaching movement. Core strength, single leg stability, and rotational power will be the focal points of our strength program. There will be movement evaluations at the beginning and end of the session to evaluate progress. Each workout will be technique focused and physically demanding at times, but the girls will enjoy the process and leave feeling proud of what they’ve accomplished.
• September 12-December 1
• Stone Ridge’s workout gym
• Athletes can schedule up to 4 sessions per week
• High School – 6:00-7:00pm
• Middle School – 7:15-8:15pm
• Exclusive Health Baller (HB) MC Lacrosse Trial Pricing: $15/per session
o 1 session per week, 12 weeks – $180 total; 2 sessions per week, 12 weeks – $360 total; 3 sessions per week, 12 weeks – $540 total; 4 sessions per week, 12 weeks – $720 total


Registration and date selection are on a “first come” basis
Once players pick the number of times they want to attend, they need to indicate the day/s of the week they want to attend. Athletes are only allowed to attend on the days they are registered for.
If a class is canceled it will be made up at the end of the session. There are no refunds given for unused classes. HB is committing to a certain number of trainers based on our initial registration.
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