MC Elite brings to the community expertise in all areas of competitive lacrosse including:  player development, practice intensity, recruiting, competitive league and tournament scheduling, and communication.

Our schedule involves twice-weekly training from September through July for every MC Elite player.  It is designed to develop the complete female athlete.

Fitness – weekly conditioning/speed/agility; this supplements the fitness component of every team practice.  Includes regular timed distance runs and sprints, proper form correction, core and strength development.

Player Development – middle and high school player development program, led by our Director of Player Development, addresses team-specific, individual player, and club-wide needs.

Specialized Training – goalie coach on staff, runs weekly goalkeeper training  Position specific training and skills development sessions are run regularly (draw control, defense, transition, motion, shooting)

Player Education – team seminars in preparation for high school recruiting begin in 8th grade. Individualized recruiting assistance for all high school players.

Rigorous year-round schedule – puts our players in the top brackets of the most competitive leagues and tournaments in the country.

    MC Elite was formed as the result of a coalescence of members of the lacrosse community who had been developing athletes in the county for the last 15 years. Our coaching team brings a unique strength to the table – development, recruiting, facilities and administration – and we are singularly focused on raising the bar for female athletes.

    By building on an established player development model that has sent over 200 athletes to Division I, II and III programs, and through a strong partnership with the county’s youth lacrosse clubs and high school lacrosse teams, MC Elite has the infrastructure and coaching staff to deliver year-round training that meets the demands of the elite female athlete. Our teams bring together the best talent from all areas of the county.

    • More training:  average of two practices a week from September through July
    • Compete against the best to be the best:  We are plugged into the highest level leagues and tournaments in the country – fall, winter, spring and summer
    • Proven player development model:  Delivered by the best and broadest coaching staff in the county
    • Knowing what it takes:  Strong comprehension on behalf of our Administration, Coaching Staff, and Athletes of the curriculum, schedule and commitment needed to reach the next level and achieve personal goals.